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Relax Action

spa + body & face treatment

starting from €150,00*

When the cold season arrives, do you feel tired, irritable and feel the need to give yourself a break from daily burnout? Maybe sharing a nice moment of relaxation with your sweetheart? Then try the Relax Action bundle.

RELAX ACTION bundle included:

  • Spa entrance with hydromassage Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, emotional showers, relaxation area with herbal teas and fresh fruit. Spa Kit included (bathrobe, towel, Spa-bag and slippers).
    Duration: 50 min.
  • FACE TREATMENT HYDRADERM©: Restores the tissues’ natural cellular vigor, nourishes and gives the face elasticity and beauty.
    Duration: 50 min.
  • BODY TREATMENT BODY&MIND©: Enveloping dexterity with hot oil and precious herbal powders to recover energy and get back into shape.
    Duration: 50 min.

Total package price per person starting from €150,00

Spa Entrance 1
Face treatment Hydraderm© 1
Body treatment Body&Mind© 1
Price starting from € 150,00
* All rates are per person
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